Closed projects

Campaign of political mobilization and opposition to the Lukashenka’s "referendum"

*Honest People initiated a nationwide engagement campaign by uniting the representatives of democratic forces. This was the second "electoral" campaign after 2020. Even at the preparatory stage, we held dozens of presentations in order to unite as many pro-democracy initiatives as possible. It is important that both civil initiatives and political structures got involved in the campaign.

The campaign "Cross out the Referendum — Cross Out Lawlessness" helped not only to mobilize society during the "electoral" campaign but also to unite the efforts of democratic forces in the Operational Headquarters. This made it possible to quickly respond to the changing context and prepare a plan to react to the outbreak of war. As a result, after the Russian attack on Ukraine with the Lukashenka regime becoming a co-aggressor, the day of the "referendum" became the day of mass anti-war protest. And the polling stations became the locations of this protest.

Report of the "Voice", *Honest People and ZUBR on the "referendum":