Dialogue with the people

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Uniting civil servants who disagree with the regime

Since August 2020, we’ve been working with Belarusian officials who don’t support Lukashenka’s dictatorship. More than three thousand civil servants have reached our chatbot — a place where they can freely communicate with like-minded people, get support and unite for joint action.

Through secure communication channels, we collect stories of repression in the civil service. We also offer honest civil servants a variety of training and professional development programs. In addition, together with officials from "Dialogue with the People" we tell Belarusians about how public administration works. Because we believe that transparency of the state system and understanding of how citizens can influence it are important for the future of Belarus.

One example of such joint work is the website with records of Belarusian ministers — a project in which we show what kind of people run our state.

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