Popular sovereignty

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Collecting things that unite Belarusians

In the "Popular sovereignty" project, we talk about what unites Belarusians and makes us one nation. We believe that the future of Belarus depends on its citizens, and the more Belarusians realize they belong to the people of Belarus, the more stable the country will be.

As part of the campaign, we show how Belarusians can and do exercise popular sovereignty in a variety of ways. From learning and using the Belarusian language or demonstrating a collective anti-war stance, to supporting Ukraine and learning about the history of Belarus or spreading Belarusian content.

Popular sovereignty is something that cannot be taken away from us. And if we believe that we are Belarusians, it is important for everyone to make efforts so that as many people as possible realize that they are the source of power and the guarantee of the country’s well-being. After all, only the citizens of Belarus should decide the future of their country.

*Honest People conducted a poll about the sovereignty of the Belarusian people. Its results can be found on the website of the "People's Sovereignty" project.

To summarize the answers, to be a Belarusian is:

  • to love and respect Belarus and other Belarussians;
  • study the language, history and culture of Belarus, its traditions, and spread it to the world;
  • to be interested in Belarus and Belarusian, to keep Belarusian in the center of attention;
  • it is freedom, it is independence of the country;
  • it is a feeling of uniqueness, but without disrespect for others;
  • it is about solidarity, mutual assistance and friendship with others, and also about being European, democratic and civilized;
it is responsibility and action.