Dear local councilman!

Closed projects

Educational campaign of civic engagement in the process of local budget adoption

Each citizen has his own local councilman or councilwoman — a representative of their interests in the local Council. In 2018, 18,110 local councilmen were "elected" to serve until 2024. The deputy can deal with improving public services and amenities, help with housing problems, and attend meetings with state officials on citizen’s behalf.

Every year, the local Councils approve local budgets, namely the documents on how to collect and spend millions of Belarusian rubles of our taxes. They have the last word, which means responsibility for how officials handle our local money. Therefore, the campaign "Dear local councilman!" meant to help citizens to find out the budget of their city or district and write an appeal to the deputy so that he or she has the opportunity to amend the budget, taking into account the interests of citizens.

Local budgets for 2023 have already been adopted, but they can still be influenced: local Councils have the right to amend the adopted budget and adjust it throughout the year. Find out the budget for your district and find the local councilman who approves it on your behalf at